God Is for You (Letters to My Son, “Five Things” part 3)

Dear H,

There are five things in life that I always want you to remember. The third is this:

God is for you.

Despite an abundance of proof, the original lie that tricked human beings into rejecting and rebelling against God was this: God hasn’t given you the best, he is holding back. It was a whisper that God is not for us.

But it is a lie. A terrible, no good, very bad lie.

God is the source of everything good in your life. And the best he offers is himself. He is good and he desires good for you. The good things he gives us are meant to lead us to him. For in him, we find the best. Jesus is life and joy.

The world will whisper to you that there are better things away from God and that he does not have your good in mind. Don’t listen to the lie. Trust him. Trust his goodness. Trust that he will use even the bad things for your good and forever-joy, when Jesus returns and makes all things right in the end.



The Lord, your God, dwells among you. He is strong and will save. In gladness, he rejoices over you. In love, he stills you. In song, he delights in you.

Zephaniah 3:17

Image source: Photo by Samantha Sophia on Unsplash

Today’s post is inspired by what Eugene Peterson would whisper to his children each night: “God loves you. He’s on your side. He’s coming after you. He’s relentless.” You can read the full story at The Christian Post.

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