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Michael Bergman is a husband, dad, and foster dad. He has authored books and short stories for kids and adults, including The Secret Baker, Of Stars and Space, and Until Summer. His favorite genre is Science Fiction, though he also writes literary fiction. In his free time, you can catch him on hikes or walks with his family. He writes from his home in Missouri where he lives with his wife, son, and foster children.

Today’s Words

Eternal Haze

Gaze into the eternal Haze of glory, but a glimpse Across the universe, an unfathomable Force that stirs the heights of Imagination, the dreams of all Creation coalescing into songs of Praise, awestruck at amazing Grace that illuminates, an unending Blaze

My Books

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Until Summer

Collections / Shorts
The Weatherman
Of Stars and Space: The Story
Of Stars and Space (and other stories)
Not Enough Santas
While the Sun Sleeps
Life, Death, and All Things Between (A Collection of Poems)

Kids Books
The Secret Baker
Gary and Collin vs. The Interdimensional Aliens