God Is Pursuing You (Letters to My Son, “Five Things” part 4)

Dear H,

There are five things in life that I always want you to remember. The fourth is this:

God is pursuing you.

You will run. We all do. You won’t listen. That is ingrained in us. Ever since man first rebelled against God, we all walk that same path, and it doesn’t end well.

God could have left us alone on that path, but he loves us too much. God could have said, “You must find your way to me!”, but he knew we never would. So, he came as Jesus, he came to us.

There is a story in the Bible of a son who runs away. He rejects his dad and tries to find happiness in his own ways. It seems good for a while until he ends up in ruins. He worked a job feeding pigs and as he threw them their slop to eat, he longed for a bite.

So, he thought, “I’ll return to my dad and live as his servant. They have it better than this!”

What the boy didn’t know was that his dad was looking for him all along. The dad didn’t wait until the boy was home but ran to meet him and shower him in love. The boy tried to beg to be a servant but his dad hushed him and threw him the biggest “Welcome Home” party ever.

God is pursuing you because he loves you. But you will have to make the choice. Will you keep trying to run or will you turn and fall into his wide open arms where his voice says, “Welcome home, I love you, my son!”



“Find my best calf with the choice cut of meats. Kill it and cook it well. We need to have a party. My son is home!”

Luke 15:23-24

Image source: Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Today’s post is inspired by what Eugene Peterson would whisper to his children each night: “God loves you. He’s on your side. He’s coming after you. He’s relentless.” You can read the full story at The Christian Post.

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