Agony’s Estate

A potion for the weary
Travelers cold and dreary
Stumbling through the doors
A mysterious effect

Though the barman smiles
His gaze is full of guile
As he offers them a room
For their tired souls

At midnight there appearing
An apparition that is nearing
A soul’s decomposition
A harbinger of hell

Their faces froze in terror
To the room belong forever
At Death’s dingy tavern
Upon the gloomy hill

A warning to the traveler:
Heed the stormy thunder
Turn back at the crossroads
From Agony’s Estate

Image cred: ubahnverleih at unsplash

The Mage

A thousand days we journeyed
A thousand we were lost
Still, we traveled onward
Oceans did we cross

We climbed the highest mountains
Seeking knowledge from the sage
Treasuring pearls of prudence
Searching for the mage

In the storm we found her
She told of love and grace
Her steely gaze assuring
Of wisdom’s kind embrace

Image cred: sepoys at unsplash

Step into the Light

A pause, closed eyes
He breathes deep
A full inhale
He cocks his head
The birds sing
—they always sang
But now different,
A song more beautiful, more free
A smile spreads ‘cross wrinkled cheeks
Time worn, battered by the shadows
But now in light
Released from his prison

Image cred: evannn_n at unsplash

The Peak

Hand in hand, we climb
Hearts racing with each step
Eyes gazing to peaks above
To valleys beneath
A moment of frozen time
We hold our breath
Dreaming of days ahead
Reminiscing memories
A stillness sublime
The climax of life

Image cred: mriovisual at unsplash


A balance of hearts
Give and take, the dance
Lives intertwining
Losing selves in dreams’ expanse

Hopes, fears, whispered thoughts
Laughing, crying, meld to one
Hand in hand, the world spins
Until the self becomes undone

A new life birthed; two become one

Image cred: nate_dumlao at unsplash

Alive and Risen

The dark behind, the light ahead
We wander through the in-between
Listening for whispers in the wind
Of “Alive and risen”

The dark behind, the light ahead
We migrate toward the Land of Dawn
With a growing chorus of cheers
Shouting “Alive and risen!”

Image cred: j_wozy at unsplash

Spring’s Offering

A succulent bite
As juice dances across my tongue
From the bright red flesh
Of the garden’s first fruit
With the scent of fresh earth
Churned through my fingers
That root up the weeds
As I tend Spring’s offering

Image cred: justusmenke at unsplash

The Sacrifice

A desert of discord
A haunt of demons
A wasteland of war

Bitterness floods
Hate burns red
Tears soak the earth

We wait, we wait
In longing
In desperation
In hope that we’ve lost

Until we see the sun
Until the dawn breaks
Until the darkness flees

From the Sacrifice

Image cred: eberhardgross at unsplash