Psyche’s Prison (full poem)

An unrelenting blizzard
Upon evidence’s mountain
A single witness screaming
Detailing all accounts and
Drowning me with fear
Before the scowling judge
As I await the verdict
And a sentence to begrudge
In Psyche’s crumbling prison

In Psyche’s crumbling prison
I scrawl dreams upon the walls
Lost sanity and freedom while
Silence slices through the halls
No visitors, no guards
The solitude consumes me
Voices whisper from the darkness
A haunt of words accusing
As I sink into the shadows

As I sink into the shadows
Desperate for the light
I am my own warden
With no pity, I recite
Every darkened thought
Self-condemning, I supply
A barrage of bitter words
Hateful truths I can’t deny
Am I lost forever?

Am I lost forever
In this cell block of my mind?
But I hear another voice
Calling me to find
A dim light in the darkness
A candle in your hand
A glimmer of new hope
An escape for the self-damned
So, I rise and go

So, I rise and go
My fingers scrape the wall
Wandering through the maze
Following your call
Dimly in the shadows
I see you reach toward me
When I take your hand
A twinge of hope, I’m free
We flee from Psyche’s Prison

We flee from Psyche’s Prison
Through forest foliage thick
Breaking into sunlight
Where no darkness can afflict
Now I gaze and breathe
Basking in the bright
Grateful for your presence
To fight my soul’s deep night

This poem was constructed from 6 days of VSS365 prompts: sentence, slice, warden, go, take, stand. It is a story of how others help us find light in times of mental and spiritual darkness.

Image cred: huefnerdesign at unsplash

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