Meet Meredith Hillis (a character sketch – Until Summer)

She was in love.

Life for Meredith Hillis finally seemed to be going the way she had long hoped. She had a good job and a stable relationship. She was mom to one teenage boy and foster mom to another. She was happy with all she had.

But when she receives a phone call asking if she has room for another boy, everything will change. Suddenly, the boy’s father, a man she once loved, is thrust back into her life, along with the memories of her broken past.

Meredith is a survivor. As a child, she and her brothers faced abuse that no child ever should. It almost cost her everything. But after her son was born, she found the help and strength she needed to face the trauma of her past and set course to her brighter future.

Until Summer is the story of how Meredith learns to love and holds on to hope even when the past once more rears its head. You can find it on Amazon for Kindle and Kindle Unlimited and in paperback.

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