The inspiration behind “Addict” (Of Stars and Space)

With the publication of my collection of stories, Of Stars and Space, this is part 1 in a series of posts about the inspiration behind each of the twelve stories.

“Addict” is a story that was a few years in the making but only recently came together. I wanted to address the topic of addiction from what I have seen walking along side, in various capacities, those who battle addiction.

For some, realizing the hurt they have brought to their family, those they love most, becomes an anchor for fighting their past. For others, sadly, as much as they love their family, they still struggle to overcome and breakaway.

“Addict” follows a young man, a father, who has both hurt and been hurt. His son becomes his inspiration to fight, but when an old love returns, will it be enough?

The first six stories in the collection are what I call “stories of life, love, and loss.” This is a story of complicated love that seeks to balance hope and the realities of living in a broken world.

You can read an excerpt of “Addict” below.

Of Stars and Space (and other stories) is available at Amazon in both Kindle and print formats. Kindle is immediate delivery; print is print-on-demand and may take a few days before the order ships.

“Addict” and Of Stars and Space, © 2020, Michael Bergman

Excerpt from “Addict”

Daniel showered, standing for longer than usual under the cascade of warmth. He had been attending Narcotics Anonymous meetings for the past six months. That night was the first round-robin meeting where he detailed his past beyond his name and addiction.

“Part of me wishes he hadn’t found me,” he whispered to the group. “I hate myself for thinking that.”

After twenty minutes, Daniel turned off the water, dried himself, and pulled on a clean pair of shorts. Quade had already fallen asleep. The boy lay on his back with a stuffed dog tucked under his left arm. He was still a little boy but on the verge of becoming a man. Daniel watched him for a moment and listened to the soft snores.

“I’m glad you did, though.”

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