Daddy Loves You (Letters to My Son, “Five Things” part 1)

Dear H,

There are five things in life that I always want you to remember. The first is this:

Daddy loves you.

Nothing will ever change that. My love for you is simply because you are you, you are my son. You will never have to earn my love. Nothing you could do will make me love you more. Nothing you could do would make me love you less.

I will not be the perfect father. I will not live up to this ideal every day. But I will do my best every day. I hope that when my life story is finished, you will know without question that daddy loves you.



(P.S. Yes, mommy loves you, too. But this is daddy’s letter. 😉 )

You are my dearly loved son. In you, I delight.

Mark 1:11

Image source: Photo by Szilvia Basso on Unsplash

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